Connor Ball

connor Ball

Since 15/03/2013 (dd-mm-yy) Connor is official apart of The Vamps. Connor Samuel John Ball became officially apart of The Vamps after the boys asked him and record it to post it on YouTube. You could watch it here.

Connor Ball is the bassist and does backing vocals. He lives in Hatton (Warwickshire). He has made some own songs. You could watch them on his YouTube Account

Connor is a great musician and could play different guitars like the acoustic and electric ones ;) . He started playing guitar at an early age  so he could play every kind of song.

Connor his favorite Artist is “You Me At Six” and his favorite Song is “Weightless- All Time Low”. Connor has one younger brother and he seems allergic to nuts…
Connor Facts:
  • His favorite color is Blue.
  • He plays bass in The Vamps, but he can also play a lot of other guitars too, like the normal acoustic or electric ones ;)
  • He has a little brother.
  • He got a lizard called Rex and post #rexupdates about this reptile.
  • Connor was the last one to join The Vamps.
  • Connor seems the shortest of all the band members
  • ” The bearded Dragon” is a very common sentence in in the vicinity of Connor

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122 thoughts on “Connor Ball

  1. Connor I love u so much please follow me on twitter I’ve been trying to get one from u for so long– ok, when I fell in love with u, so please make me the happiest girl in the world and follow me on twitter please —->> @HoranHugs_xx93

  2. Connor you are by far the best lad in the vamps <3 i love u load and always will ! Ur biggest fan chloe xxx ( im not gonna leave my last name because u no stalkers cud be looking at this and could like stalk me )XD

  3. I put an alliteration in all of the boys names but don’t know if it goes well with what they are physically
    Here it is:

    Tricky Tristan
    Joyful James
    Bubbly Bradley
    Cute Connor

    TigerEyed Tristan
    Joker James
    Busy Bradley
    Clever Connor

    Twister Tristan
    Generous James
    Bizarre Bradley
    Curious Connor

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