Connor Ball

connor Ball

Since 15/03/2013 (dd-mm-yy) Connor is official apart of The Vamps. Connor Samuel John Ball became officially apart of The Vamps after the boys asked him and record it to post it on YouTube. You could watch it here.

Connor Ball is the bassist and does backing vocals. He lives in Hatton (Warwickshire). He has made some own songs. You could watch them on his YouTube Account

Connor is a great musician and could play different guitars like the acoustic and electric ones ;) . He started playing guitar at an early age  so he could play every kind of song.

Connor his favorite Artist is “You Me At Six” and his favorite Song is “Weightless- All Time Low”. Connor has one younger brother and he seems allergic to nuts…
Connor Facts:
  • His favorite color is Blue.
  • He plays bass in The Vamps, but he can also play a lot of other guitars too, like the normal acoustic or electric ones ;)
  • He has a little brother.
  • He got a lizard called Rex and post #rexupdates about this reptile.
  • Connor was the last one to join The Vamps.
  • Connor seems the shortest of all the band members
  • ” The bearded Dragon” is a very common sentence in in the vicinity of Connor

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66 thoughts on “Connor Ball

  1. It’s so cute, I saw all your videos :B

  2. What is the name sister?

  3. Ur so cute! Ur so good at the bass. I remeber watchin the guys ask u to be in the band on youtube I loved it. U was so happy and ur smile was so adorible it made me smile too! XD…keep up the good work u and the guys are goin places!

  4. How old is he? I needs to no

  5. what part of warwickshire do you live in because i used to live there!!x x x

  6. Is Connor single? :)

  7. Connnor I love you so much. Please follow me on twitter! So glad I met you today/night. It was amazing. Ahhhhh I love you so much!

  8. Connor was born in Aberdeen, Scotland. Connors lovely met him the other day .

  9. OMG saw you at the McFLY concert yesterday in Bristol at the Colston Hall! YOU WERE AMAZING!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I think you will go very far with your fame! <3

  10. connor has a girlfriend :( but also has a dog called jesse xx

  11. I LOVE CONNOR SO MUCH <3 HE IS SO………well just leave it at that:)

  12. connor is 17 now but i need to kno his birthday

  13. I saw all your Videos <3 I love you and your voice *-* <3

  14. Connor I adore you. You are such a talented person and your voice is beautiful. And you’re easy on the eyes. I hope one day we’ll be able to meet because you seem wickedly awesome. :)

  15. My friend Victoria is in love with you <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. i love connor so mich ah he is just so ………….., xxx

  17. hey babes loves ya

  18. Connor is single and loves lizards!! He is also very sexy and I want him with me!! <3

  19. i love connor met him and the boys at hmv and they were the first group I seen live ever :)

  20. Hi connor u are all sooooo talented I oove you all I dream about you all the time xxx

  21. Don’t forget Connor went to Henley-In-Arden school, his old music teacher (my music teacher) won’t shut up about how proud she is to be his old music teacher when he was in Henley :D xxx

  22. I love you Connor! :) Your covers are really amazing! And so does the Vamps! Omg! I really want to meet you guys! Huge fan and I love playing guitars too!

  23. is he still dating Hannah wakeling???

  24. whats name parents Connor?

  25. Wow i didn’t know he played snare drum. I my self have actually played snare and the bass drum. But saddly never a drumset….. I want to though and learn how… EH! I played pretty well for a sixth grader back then! I’m actually thinking of going into band in high school just to get back into it bacause I miss the “ratta tat tat” sound! I know it sounds a bit weird but hey I love music and making is even more fun!!!! Well I also REALLY want to learn the geatar lol weird spelling but hey it’s a “free country”

  26. Connor u r amazing u r so cute to I love your music and u have such a cute smile

  27. I love you Connor xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  28. I love u Connor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. if i was a brownie i would melt in your mouth :D

  30. are you a wrecking ball because you hit me hard

  31. if i was a food i would be an egg because you cracked me up :D

  32. Connor instead of will you marry me. i’d just like to meet you:)

  33. OMGOMGOMG I have the same birthday as him!!!!!!

  34. Conner is so fit and he lives right by my bezzies Olivia and her little brother james

  35. I love you Connor also happy birthdays

  36. I thought he was single?

  37. I watched all your videos. They’re AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

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