James Daniel McVey

James is from the sunny seaside town of Bournemouth. He was born on  30rd of april 1994, has 1 sister and a cat. Originally he’s from Chester, but he moved to the south when he was four years old. He loves traveling to new places, experiencing new and different cultures. James is the guitarist and does the backing vocals in The Vamps. The Vamps are Signed to Prestige band management. James loves Beach, the Summer, a Country Side and he even does not like wearing shoes. He even doesn’t like spiders…

“Our lives are an open book, and it’s up to us to write our paths”


James Facts:

  • Favorite color is red.
  • James loves Lord of The Rings.
  • He is Naked Juice addict ;)
  • James has one sister.
  • James has a short and little music career before The Vamps.
  • He is obsessed by keeping himself fit, and he loves to show his six-pack to us on Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler, etc…
  • He loves being with family and friends.

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74 thoughts on “James Daniel McVey

  1. hi i love james like i love all all them love drom megan

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  3. Hi I love the vamps I listen to you every day so year.

  4. he’s my bet :) love this guys ♥

  5. Hi your the best guitarist ever :):):):)

  6. He’s my favorite guitar lead vocals and his voice is awsome.

  7. I love james he is hot

  8. I love james not because of him looks even though that’s it I love you for what’s inside and ilove you muuuuuuuCccHhhhhh!

  9. Is it true that everyone on the fansite apart from me has seen THE VAMPS in real life or a concert.

  10. Your hair is awesome my cousin she loves cats is gril

  11. you are cool i would like to meet you it would be cool

  12. i like brad way better

  13. I love james for who he is not just his looks but what is on the inside to ;)

  14. His hair is awesome he wear a sunglass every day

  15. people how to can love somebody who never meet you and you dont know about him

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