James Daniel McVey

James is from the sunny seaside town of Bournemouth. He was born on  30rd of april 1994, has 1 sister and a cat. Originally he’s from Chester, but he moved to the south when he was four years old. He loves traveling to new places, experiencing new and different cultures. James is the guitarist and does the backing vocals in The Vamps. The Vamps are Signed to Prestige band management. James loves Beach, the Summer, a Country Side and he even does not like wearing shoes. He even doesn’t like spiders…

“Our lives are an open book, and it’s up to us to write our paths”


James Facts:

  • Favorite color is red.
  • James loves Lord of The Rings.
  • He is Naked Juice addict ;)
  • James has one sister.
  • James has a short and little music career before The Vamps.
  • He is obsessed by keeping himself fit, and he loves to show his six-pack to us on Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler, etc…
  • He loves being with family and friends.

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54 thoughts on “James Daniel McVey

  1. i lov going to the beach. Have u goin boogie boarding yet? if u havent u should but be carful u get hurt while doing it and u get a lot of scratches

  2. I love you so mutch! You are…just perfect!

  3. I love you so much xxx

    • U r so hot….we love u y u live so far away… U and Connors the hottest in the band…<3.. P.S. we luv ur songS 22, and that girl u and Connor look so HOT…. U and Connor should sing more because u both sing really good<3<3<3

  4. you are so adorable and cute xoxoxoxox

  5. I think you all are fantastic and that you are definitely going places. You’ve already done amazing so far, persevere and leave no path uncharted! Have fun! I’ll always support you!

  6. Ur so cool and sweet.ur so good at playin the guitar and singin keep up the good work I love watchin ur videos…so hurry and make more!…keep doin wat ur doin ur gunna have a successful life :)

  7. whats his cat called?:3 x

  8. i cant wait for his bday tomoz… he is so lucky to be 19!

  9. Happy Birthday :D!! xx

  10. You are an amazing guitarist and singer. I appreciate all of the work you guys put into your work! :) I love listening to you guys! You instantly brighten my day so thank you! Keep working and you’ll reach the stars!! I love you guys and I’m sure all lovely, amazing guys! Keep up the hard work because I love listening to you guys and you are all so amazing! I love you all! And remember always have fun while doing this! That also makes your music so enjoyable because not only are your voices brilliant but I can see that you’re having fun! :D Thank you guys and I love you all!

  11. OMG saw you at the McFLY concert yesterday in Bristol at the Colston Hall! YOU WERE AMAZING!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I think you will go very far with your fame! <3

  12. you are so amazing singer and you can singer better then anyone in the whole world

  13. I love the vamps and especially James!! <3 you

  14. What is your number

  15. I love you James ur amazing! so cute! hot! amazing singer and Follow me on twitter @Dee00031

  16. James you are my faviourite out of them all because you are so cute!!! I have a teacher called mr. Mcvey and everytime I see him I think of you because you are perfect!! You are so good at playing the guitar I didn’t really know who you were and then I started watching your videos on YouTube and fell in love with you the first video I watched do not change!!! I love you James<3

  17. Omg!!!!!! I live in Bournemouth aaaahhhhh! :D I am going to like live in Bournemouth town centre just waiting for him to come past! Aaaahhhhh I love you James! Xxxx

  18. I love youuu
    you are so cute :3
    i’m from asia, Indonesia country, BALI <3

  19. Does James have a girlfriend if so what’s her name ???

  20. Guys I really admire you.You do such a great job and I wish I lived in the UK so I could be everyday in your concerts. But I live in Greece and someday I promise to come and see you. Congrats for what you achieved till now and I think you really will be famous bc you have sth special. You are the cutest guys I ve ever seen. All of you. And no matter what happens please DONT EVER CHANGE.! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Sophie..<3<3<3

  21. oh my god he’s from chester! i live in chester! ahhh! <3 <3 <3 such a great guy! with such an amazing talent!! xx

  22. Thought you should know that people use ur stuff to pretend to look like you and they make girls fall in love with them bcuz that girl didnt even know who the heck the vamps are or who James mcvey is but yea people use your stuff and I think just cuz ur some kind of celebrity doesn’t mean people should treat you like ur not just another person like the rest of us so thought u should know.

  23. Your human like everyone else so I thought u might like to know even though I don’t think you even look on here.

  24. wats his gfs name? is it ellie? but sum say its annie or amy or ellen. is it which one?

  25. Heya James just wondering are the vamps going on tour if so please please please don’t forget little Ireland cause like we are right beside England and if not would you perform in Belfast I could get a nine hour bus journey but I luuurrrvvv u guys so yeah……. Or u cud save me all that trouble and play in my hometown of Athlone in the rugby pitch its really like big or Dublin .Dublins good ;)

  26. Eh wait did I mention I’m Irish yup I’m Irish wupwup oh btw if ye like ever come to Ireland you can stay in my house it only 3 bedrooms but sure the couch is Gud for me


  28. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH JAMES YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur so hot xxxxx luv uxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  29. I love you sooooooooooo much James!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re the perfect match

  30. Hey, think you are all pretty cute especially james and please please come and perform in plymouth as its close to where I love bye xxxx

  31. U are such a nice person love talking to u!!!!!*u now ho a am

  32. OMG you are the fitest one out of you all me and my sisster chloe stanton absolutely adore you I also like your fit friend tristan hes fit and I like the others to but you and tristan are the sexy boys out of the groop xxxxxxx

  33. Can I have your number please

  34. Omg I want your number to

  35. your the best
    I am the biigets fan of you
    you are really the best of your band

  36. First of all, James McVey I absolutely love you, I think you’re so amazing and so talented and I actually have the biggest crush on you it’s a little unhealthy according to my best friend lol ahah xxx You’re so good at guitar and I’ve seen all your covers on YouTube and I think you should get more solos in the band <3 words cannot describe the love I have for you. You seem like the sweetest guy ever, down to earth, charming and hilarious and the relationship you have with Connor is so funny and so freaking adorable! We also share the Same birthday month! I'm born in April too <3 You're also really really really attractive and the hottest guy I've ever seen and it would be my dream to meet you. As a band, The Vamps is my favourite band – you're all really chilled and you guys love what you do and I think that's the most important thing :) you're music is amazing and the covers you do sound great – keep doing what u know and love and I hope you guys keep growing as a band because you are all amazing. I know you all care about your fans heaps and I think that's really sweet and I love all of you! – Brad, Tristan, Connor and James please please please come to Australia (especially Adelaide coz we always get left out! Xxx) it would be my dream come true. Xxxx

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  38. Who is James Mcveys girlfriend?? Xxxxx

  39. I just wanted u to know I live you. Music u guys inspire me I just live u guys if u ever have a concert in America tell me I want to come see u guys at a concert do say when u have a concert in America please it would make me so happy!!! So please say when and where your next concert will be in America thanks!!

  40. I meant love your

  41. you’re so cool …<3

  42. James if I met you 🙈 I love you too much your voice is like an angels ❤️❤️❤️⭐️⭐️

  43. ur so cute and hot grrr! I love u soooo much

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