Tristan Evans

Tristan Evans has born 15th of august 1994. He is the drummer and does backing vocals at The Vamps. He lives in Devon and his favorite artist is Blink182. His favorite song is “I don’t wanna miss a thing – Aerosmith”.

Tristan is a great musician and could play different instruments like the drums and piano. He started playing drums at 7!! Tristan has 1 sister and 1 brother.


Tristan Facts:

  • His favorite color is orange.
  • Tristan his favorite ice-cream is Twister.
  • Avatar is his favorite movie of all time.
  • He plays drums, piano, guitar and does backing vocals.
  • Tristan has 1 sister and one brother.
  • Tristan got the Best Young Drummer award in 2010.
  • Tristan is the tallest in the group.


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70 thoughts on “Tristan Evans


  2. You are such an amazing, guy. I’m from the Philippines and I think you guys are really really cool. :) Follow me back. :)

  3. Hello guys :)
    I’d just like to know where Tristan was born! It’s just that he lives in Denver, but does that mean that he’s from Denver?
    Thanks !

  4. Where did you guys start? I mean how did you came up with the band? :”)

  5. U r extremely talent….the way u beat the drum in the ‘Live While You’re Young’ cover…totally wicked…..u rock

  6. u like all the same things i do my cuz took me to see blink182

  7. o.m.g. I’m freakin single…MARRY ME!

  8. i love you so much your the cutest one

  9. Hey! I enjoy listening to ya’ll sing. I would love to talk music. I’m working toward performance music. I can’t play an instrument but I can sing. Let me know if ya wanna talk music.

  10. Ur so awesome! When ever we listen to ur covers me and my friends always perdent to play the drums and get all into it. And the little drum stck flick thing u do its so cool! Keep up the good work u and the guys are goin places :D

  11. i love you tristan!!;) you’re perfect<3 and really inspired me<3 thank you:) x x x x

  12. OMG saw you at the McFLY concert yesterday in Bristol at the Colston Hall! YOU WERE AMAZING!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I think you will go very far with your fame! <3

  13. plz marry me Tristan

  14. OMG Tristan Evans you are the most fittest guy ever!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    If somehow you could reply please do I love u !!! You have the most amazing cheek bones seriously lol and your really talented too in my opinion you are the cutest and the hawt one from the vamps but I love the others too your amazing love you :) did I say that already ?? Lol

  15. Hi Tristan you are sooo Hott!!!!
    Please reply I think your an amazing
    Drummer could you teach me ??
    I actually want to know how to play :)
    And I think your so talented and cute
    😍😍😍😍😍😍love you xxxxx

  16. Ok I know I’m really persistent but only
    Cos your such a cute talented beautiful
    Guy and I really really want you to reply
    My dream: to meet you guys in person !! That would be the most amazing thing Evs I love you ,your music,your amazing talent 💖💗💓💞💕💖💓💕💗💓💞
    Your so hottttttt

  17. Getting like a crazed fan but idc your worth it tris I LOVE YOU xx 😍😍😍
    OMG your obvs an amazing musician
    Your absolutely beautiful and I’m your biggest fan please reply :))

  18. Your soooooooo fit!!!
    OMG I love you tris
    Your amazing your guys
    Twist to original songs
    Are so catchy and creative
    Live all of yous ESP Tristan Evans
    ily <3

  19. Where in Devon is Tris from?

  20. Dude, My Birthday Is Also On August 15th! :3 <3
    .. That's So Cool

  21. WOW Tris you’re so amazing!!! Like every time I see you on YouTube or something it brightens my day!! Thanks so much I love you xx

  22. Hiya Tristan just wunderin ya kno if u go on tour wouldn’t u need a support act ? ( hint hint wink wink ) me and my friend have this band so ya kno just putting that out there ! Sooooooooooooo yeahhhhhhhh …………..

  23. OMD Tristan I think you are so amazing!!! Just two questions, where were u born and do u have any unusual talents?!

  24. What Tristans hair color is ? I just don’ get it. In Sun he look like Orange, not in sun Blonde. So still the question is , what Tristans hair color is ?

  25. Can’t wait to see Tristan at radio city live and the rest of the vamps love them so much

  26. he is welsh like me

  27. I love you so much Tristan !!!!!!!!!!!!! We are the perfect match !!!!!!!

  28. Omg tristan I absolutely love you and james you are both so talented well you all are but you two are talented bye looks and just in genral xxx I love the story of how you all met and me and my sister chloe has a megga crush on you to if you to are single give me and chloe a shout because we would never turn you down you are to sexy xxxx

  29. Love you trisyan and james xxxxxxxxx

  30. I ment tristan and james lol xxxx

  31. When it says Tristan said something , is it really him or is it fake ? :o :)

  32. Hi Tristan !!!!!!!! I LOVE U I hope u notice this comment I don’t seem to get noticed on many of the other comments lol ! I love ur music and ur an amazing musician I play the guitar piano and violin ! I also might be coming to see ur convert in March for my bday !!! Lots of love lexy xxxxxxxxxx

  33. Hey…ugh I just wanna say I think Tristan is an awesome drummer!

  34. I love u tri!!!!!!!!!

  35. hey I just wanted to say that I love the vamps music and cant wait to see if I can get a ticket for your signing in Chelmsford hmv on Sunday x

  36. u r amazing tris i lurv u

  37. So your the drummer. I have to say your not all that bad :) And very handsome to..

  38. Is he gay/bi/straght?

  39. its creepy how much some of ya know :p jk !!

  40. btw Tristan 3 x’s mean the dirty so keep your replies pg 13 lol :p

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