definitively: This website will not be up-to-date anymore

This website will stop keeping updates… unfortunately we have tot stop… We are not stopping to support the Vamps, but we can’t get this website up-to-date all time… there isn’t enough spare time for us to do it well. And we think “when you can’t do your work well, it’s time to do something else”.

We are stil going to the concerts but we are not going to updates this website anymore… The decision is hard, but we had to take it… Sorry for all our visitors, but you could always check for all the info and don’t forget to folow the boys on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube!!

Thanks for a couple of great years! But unfortunately, The Vamps Fansite ends here…


Thinking of stopping this website…

Dear reader,

I’m thinking of stopping this website for the Vamps… It’s not because I don’t want to support the band anymore but I can’t find the time to post some new stuff or looking for new material online… I do not want to stop, but I can not combine all this work with my work.

So if you want to help me out and want to take over The Vamps fansite, please let me know by mail Send me a motivation and a sort of Curriculum vitae so I could choose the best successor for this website… The boys deserve only the best 😉


Just some Tour Videos

The Vamps – Uptown Funk / Shake It Off / We Can’t Stop, Sheffield

The Vamps – Another World – 1-5-15 London O2

Tristan Evans – Drum Solo, Sheffield.

The Vamps – Hurricane, Sheffield

Connor Ball – In Too Deep, Sheffield.

The Vamps; Lovestruck. Manchester

The Vamps – Girls on TV – 1-5-15 London

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