News: O&A and a Twitcam

It has lasted a while, but it’s going to happen… The Vamps are going to do a O&A and a Twitcam!!

They’ve decided to do a Q&A today, 25 october 2012, at 8pm UK time on twitter with their awesome fans, as the boys call their fans. After that a twitcam at 8:15! For the Q&A on twitter attach #thevampsband to your tweets to @TheVampsBand and maybe they’ll answer your tweet!

The guys are still in a hotel. tristan posted a picture on twitter of his legs (under the covers), a luxury television and chic decoration on the wall last morning.

I hope they’re doing well and writing/recording some great new music… I Really can’t wait to hear the new songs 😉

Guys, we expect certainly a amazing album, but you succeed. I am sure! 😉

Grtz Joan


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