The 12 days of Christmas

THE THIRD day of  ’12 Days Of Christmas’ is a challenge! The boys asked us to spot the 10 differences between these pictures? Did you find them??

Sport the diff the vamps tristan

DAY FOUR of  ’12 Days Of Christmas’ is a glimpse of what Brad likes to do in the freezing month of December.

Brad christmas beach

DAY FIVE: Ever wondered what James looked like as a baby? This is going to embarrass him a fair bit 😉 X

James baby

DAY SIX: The boys their pets have been getting into the festive spirit… Do you ever humiliate your pets like this? Who would want us to get extra interactive with our treat tomorrow?! X

Christmas pets of the boys

Today, 19th december, is the day the boys will do a TwitCam… so if you want them to do a amazing TwitCam, Tweet them completely mad so they will be on TwitCam all night long 😉 



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