How The Vamps got together part 2

James Posted the second part of “How The Vamps Got Together” on his tumblr yesterday:

Photo By Natalie Simpson Photography

Photo By Natalie Simpson Photography

The Vamp’s story continued…

So after meeting Tris things really started to turn into a whirl wind for us- I’m not trying to  portray in any way that things have been straight forward for us, and that we haven’t had to work hard at all; FAR FROM IT! What I’m trying to say is that we have been privileged enough to have the greatest team around us…

I know that our management, Prestige Management, never like me thanking them however The Vamps wouldn’t be The Vamps without them! With our management we decided to put our first cover up at the start of August. ‘Vegas Girl’ by Conor Maynard was our first cover and I know I speak for all of us when I say that nobody could ever have expected the response that we actually received. I mean it’s kind of weird looking back to when Bradley and I put up our love of ‘As Long As You Love Me’; we both said to each other ‘I hope we get 1000 views over night’. Basically this is turning into a long winded thank you I guess- I know you must hear this from every other band member but seriously I can’t stress enough how much we are blown away by you guys… I mean seriously… we’re just normal teenagers who write songs about girls and things (cringe) that have struck lucky with a major record deal.

With regards to next year, and I know so many of you have been asking us about the album and gigs etc, I just want to tell you our plans for 2013.

We’re the process of getting an album of original songs together- We have written about 25 songs however it’s all about picking the best ones and making them the best songs they can possibly be. We’ve been lucky enough to meet some of the best writers in the world and can’t wait to write more songs with them.

I know that gigs are the things that we get asked about the most- ‘when are you touring?’ etc! Okay… Whilst I can not announce any tour dates or places we intend to visit on a tour, I can say that there is a tour that is in the process of being organised for us. I wish I could say more but I really can’t! All I can say is we will definitely be playing a tour in 2013!
Okay… well that’s probably enough for now… I hope you’ve enjoyed this!

❤ x



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