The Vamps Band goes USA


New cover tonight!! Spread the word!!

The boys will publish a new cover on their YouTube account today!! It will be a Bruno Mars Mesh-up!! It wil be on at 8.30 UK time!! We can’t wait!! 😉

click here for their YouTube page.

Latest News

This weekend Brad, James and Tristan are off to New York and LA for some writing sessions for their new album. The boys told us the tracks for their album are sounding sweet and that we could expect a new cover very soon 😀 Boys… WE CAN’T WAIT!! 😉

Maybe the boys could tell us more about the date they expect to release their first album… that would be amazing if you ask me 😉 Brad, James, Tristan… there is a comment box below, my mail is in the bottom of this page and all of you you (except Bradley 😦 because you don’t follow me yet) could send me a DM with tips 😉 haha.

What did you do last weeks?

Bradley Studio


That’s the question… Last two weeks I was very busy… Study… edited some pictures and video’s… had some great party’s…became ill for a couple of days… and lots more things… but I forgot what I did exactly… XD

What did you do last weeks?

Tristan and Pizza


 The Vamps did a lot of recording and writing last weeks. First at Tristan’s place and this weekend they are in NY en LA were they are recording in the studio, likely eating pizza in a Italian restaurant or something like that (typical recording food, if I’m right) 😉 or enjoying the american specialties.

We really can’t wait until the release of their album and we really want a new cover very soon! So, we hope the boys could place a new cover on YouTube next week… that would be great!!

Fan Video’s

a lot of fans are making fan video’s. I watched some of them after the tweet about a Amazing fan video! by @TheVampsband. I really love that piece of work! Check it out:

if you made any fan video about The Vamps, please post the link to your in the comment area under this post! I will check them and will post the best ones in my next update!! 😀

Looking for a co-owner

looking for

~ Looking for Co-ownership ~

I was looking for a co-owner to be able to post more news, pictures, updates and more about The Vamps. So I posted a tiny banner on this website. A couple of people reacted to this. I selected two great The Vamp Fans to be in the race to be the new co-owner from this website!

The two girls who are in the race to be the new co-owner are:

Maddie and Vrinda

They are both from the USA, but Maddie lives in Norway at the moment, because she is an exchange student this year. Some more information about these girls:

Age: Maddie: 16 Vrinda: 16

Interests: Maddie: music, dance, and fashion, anything British Vrinda: Hip hop dance, jazz dance, piano, listening to various types of music, cooking

Languages: Maddie: English, Norwegian, and some Spanish Vrinda: English, Hindi (Indian language) and Spanish.

These girls are going to make a post and all of you could decide who has to be the co-owner of this website! You could react to their post and rate them. After a week after the post I will count the rates and will announce who became the new co-owner of this site!

~ little things ~ I knew you were trouble ~ The Vamps Fansite ~ live while we’re young ~ love is easy ~


is there any copyrighted stuff from you on this site, without permission? Please let me know and contact me 🙂


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