Video message to The Vamps


twitter-bird-light-bgsf_logoJust updated I really wanted to make the video message to the boys. But I didn’t get many text or video’s like the last one a couple of weeks ago… so I got you another chance to be in it:

Do you want to be in it? Send me your video (max. 15 seconds) or your text to the boys before Friday 14 june 16 pm UK time and I’ll put them together in 1 video and dm it to James, Tristan and the band account! And I’m sure James will see it, because he reads all my DM’s on twitter and he react if he think he has to 😉 haha

(you could send me the video’s or text by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and e-mail –> thevampsfansite (@) 🙂 )


2 thoughts on “Video message to The Vamps

  1. I think I already sent my message to The Vamps, but here it is again if you didn’t get it.

    Hi my (YouTube) name is TheVampsareamzing99. I love The Vamps because not only do they do covers, they make them sound even better than the original. I can’t wait to recieve my reply letter from them. Their album is going to be epic and I can’t wait to be able to buy it. James, Brad, Tristan and Connor do an amazing job as The Vamps, and I hope that soon some of their tracks will be No.1.

    Sent to you by Amber CarrThe Vamps Fansite wrote:


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