Project The Vamps

Hey everyone,

Just want to get attention for the next blog. Beth set this up and I really like the idea!

Tweet the vamps projectSo basically she set up @projectthevamps a while back just hoping to help some people, she kind of knew it would be hard and that the chances on her helping anyone were slim. The first day she made the account and about 5 minutes after someone tweeted her a picture they had drawn of James asking for her to help get it noticed. Beth tweeted James it and suddenly James tweeted back saying it was amazing! She says she was shocked. After this her followers started increasing and tweets flowing in asking for help with follows, getting noticed etc but a few people have tweeted her with bigger things such as helping an
extremely ill friend meet the boys and someone who wants to meet
the boys before a possibly life changing operation. I She has had 3

Beth with Connor in the background

requests like this and would love to make them possible.
All she needs is for more people to be aware of her project. If anyone see’s this it would be great if you could follow her (@projectthevamps), contact her or even ask for help yourself.
So this blog is kind of the second base of a project, Within the first hour I had a girl tweet me asking to get a picture that she drew of James McVey noticed by him or one of the boys.
 Below is the amazing picture @sassydougie drew!
 Now after this happened it made her realise how much she wanted this project to work, people who help others in the same fanbase have always been people she look up too and wish she was more like. Now most other fandoms have this sort of page but she is not completely sure that ‘The Vamps’ do. So she wanted to be the one to make people happy. Maybe this will not work but even if it helps one person, which it already has, she will love doing this.

If you are looking for help or just someone to talk too, then please fill in the form on her blog . And please don’t forget to follow this project on @projectthevamps!!! 🙂


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