Update: the Video page & Soundcloud


Today was the day I have updated the website. I updated the video page, I uploaded some new .mp3 files and some of them are still available for download! We also have some plans for the near future:

  • More info, and maybe a interview with the boys
  • More stories about meetings with the boys from all of you. (Real or fanfiction stories 😉 )
  • More social-media related stuff, we’re using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram at the moment, but not that much…
  • Maybe some The-Vamps-Fansite goodies or cool give-aways…

And there are a lot more and a lot bigger plans for the website!


There are some plans to get the website on a more professional level, but it’s hard work and it costs a lot of time. If you want to help us out?

Please send your motivation for the ‘Co-ownership’ to info.thevampsfansite@gmail.com and maybe you are one of the new co-owners!

The Vamps Banner


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