The Vamps – Meet The Vamps Sugarscape review

Meet The Vamps 2014

How Does The Album Pan Out?

QUITE BLOODY WELL, that’s how. The whole thing kicks off with the boys’ second single Wild Heart, which pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the album with its Mumford & Sons-esque ‘happytwang’ (this is a made-up word but actually makes a lot of sense.) As the boys’ first thing singles have proven, they can keep the same winning folky formula but still keep things diverse.

From the super-catchy Beyoncé and Rihanna-referencing Girls on TV to hoedown-athon High Hopes and the totes emosh love song Shout About It with its quirky little lullaby chimes, this is the PERFECT summer soundtrack. Think Mumford and McFly shoved in a blender with a bit more on the matt hair clay front.

We’d listen to it…

In the park making daisy chains and perving over fit frisbee-flinging fellas with a Slush Puppie pretty much sums it up.

Tracks most likely to top the charts:

Oh GAHD, where do we even start? First off, the Savan Kotecha-penned Somebody to You is our *fave*, with its ‘yeahhh you’ chant and massive chorus. The big ballads like She Was the One might show off a different side to the lads and we wouldn’t be surprised if songs likeSmile have your dad asking you to ‘burn him a copy of the CD’ on the sly.

We’re also still totally in love with fan favourite Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart), but that’s a bit of an old school one innit?

SOURCE: Sugarscape


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