Bradley Will Simpson

Bradley Will Simpson - The VampsBrad was born on 28th july 1995. His favourite artist are The Vaccines, Of monsters and men, The cribs. He has 1 sister (Natalie) and has a dog named Jesse. Natalie is the first official band photographer of the Vamps!

Acoustic Singer/songwriter from Birmingham and signed to prestige band management. He has been playing gigs acoustic for around 2 years and he is in the process of putting together a backing band to get a bigger sound.

Starting around 2010 he has been writing and recording his own songs and recently bought out a debut album that isn’t available anymore and is in the process of recording a acoustic covers album for free download. Aswell as this youtube covers attract new fans!

Brad Facts:

  • first band that he loved was AC/DC, but it was Angus Young that got he into playing guitar
  • His favorite color is Red
  • His favorite activities are Taking baths, making music on guitar, ukelele, piano and sometimes drums and doing a lot of weird things… ;)
  • He wrote some own songs before The Vamps. Like ‘ Loading gun’ ’23’ ‘ Two Staps Back’ ‘Time Means Everything’ ‘Boom Boom Kapow’ ‘Tightrope’ ‘Wasted Days’ ‘My Window’.
  • Brad his favorite artists are; The Vaccines, Of Monsters and Men, The Cribs.
  • His favorite movie is ’21 Jump Street’


Thanks for checking out Brad his page!



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