Bradley Will Simpson

Bradley Will Simpson - The VampsBrad was born on 28th july 1995. His favourite artist are The Vaccines, Of monsters and men, The cribs. He has 1 sister (Natalie) and has a dog named Jesse. Natalie is the first official band photographer of the Vamps!

Acoustic Singer/songwriter from Birmingham and signed to prestige band management. He has been playing gigs acoustic for around 2 years and he is in the process of putting together a backing band to get a bigger sound.

Starting around 2010 he has been writing and recording his own songs and recently bought out a debut album that isn’t available anymore and is in the process of recording a acoustic covers album for free download. Aswell as this youtube covers attract new fans!

Brad Facts:

  • first band that he loved was AC/DC, but it was Angus Young that got he into playing guitar
  • His favorite color is Red
  • His favorite activities are Taking baths, making music on guitar, ukelele, piano and sometimes drums and doing a lot of weird things… 😉
  • He wrote some own songs before The Vamps. Like ‘ Loading gun’ ’23’ ‘ Two Staps Back’ ‘Time Means Everything’ ‘Boom Boom Kapow’ ‘Tightrope’ ‘Wasted Days’ ‘My Window’.
  • Brad his favorite artists are; The Vaccines, Of Monsters and Men, The Cribs.
  • His favorite movie is ’21 Jump Street’


Thanks for checking out Brad his page!




529 thoughts on “Bradley Will Simpson

  1. I love you Brad!!!! You are my fave!!!! You make me smile everyday! You sing amazing and I love you’re songs and The Vamps is my favorite band ever!

    • It is ok, I am half his age, but I am sure you are too. It’s ok to say he will one day meet you and talk with you, bcause this might actually happen. But he probably won’t marry you if he hasn’t met you. Plz don’t start a convo i am just saying

  2. ur so kyuut and hansome ..^_^..ur voice is soo angelic and everytime that i hear your voice i feel butterflies in my stomach…*.*

    but its sad :(to say that i wouldn’t see ur concert here in the philippines bcoz I am far fom that certain area….

  3. I think the brad is the most cuties amazing person on planet earth I love u soon much I even have all the pic I can find of the band

  4. Brad is a real person, you know. He’s real and (semi)normal. you all treat him like a god, and in 20 years from now very FEW people will even remember that there ever was a band called The Vamps. I’m not saying what y’all are doing is wrong, I’m just saying you all are putting too much focus on people who are out living their lives, when you should be living yours; TRULY living.

    btw, I hope y’all know, bae is Danish for poop……

  5. I love this kid no joke and it is kind of embarassing reading about Natalie because you know, my name is also Natalie so I feel like family to him. It makes me feel special….

  6. Hi brad your my number one fans here in the Philippines my name is Neil hope you see me here at the negros oriental in Santa Catalina burgos street love you so much…..

  7. Hi Brad your my number fans here at the Philippines my name is Neil Angelo Sumaylonl hope you see me here at the Santa Catalina Negros Oriental burgos street love you so much…

  8. Brad you are like my number one fan I have just been to a concert to see u at the metro radio arena on the 4th May and I hope I get another chance to go again it was AMAZING. Hope to see u soon there! x

  9. hi… brad your my number 1 fun since grade 6 and i hope you see me in person and I LOVE YOU….

  10. I love you brad I can’t stop thinking about you every single day of my life coz you so important to me more than you could imagine i know for a fact that I’m your biggest fan ever and always will be , I came to your show in Nottingham on the 5th May and that was the first time I seen you and I cried pretty much all the way through it you mean the world to me and i will never stop loving you hope you can reply this is my email : xXx love you 😘😘💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💞💞💞👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👑👑👑💓💓💘💟💝💗💕💞🎸🎸🎸🎸🎤🎤🎤🎶🎶🎧🎧😱😱😱😱😘😍😘

  11. #BRAD u knw I’m a big fan of ENRIQUE & ZYAN …U r also in top fav singers..u, EI nd Zyan the trio r in my heart..
    bt th most interssting thing is I listned to u th most time …
    I ❤ u BRAD..I ❤ u THE VAMPS..
    let me be ur biggest fan…nd ur voice in #LOVESTRUCK make me to ❤ u…

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