COOWNERSCo-ownership is a concept where there are co-owners and they share the legal ownership.

We are looking for some co-owners of The Vamps Fansite. Because of study and lots more it’s difficult to post news, and keep te website and socialmedia up-to-date… So we need your help!

Please let us know why u want to be the new co-owner, put a profile picture or your social media in this mail to, so we could contact a lot faster. You could send your motivation and info about you to thevampsfansite @ Put “Co-Owner” as subject so we can easily find your mail in our (every week exploding) mailbox.

Picking some people on 27 juli 2014 at 19.00 UK time!

What we are looking for:
– Your English has to be on a reasonable level
– You have to be a fan from The Vamps
– > 15 years old
– < 22 years old
– Online experience:  Wordpress, twitter, youtube, gmail, facebook, Instagram,
– Software: adobe photoshop, final cut pro or equivalent


2 thoughts on “Co-ownership

  1. Don’t say use reasonable English and then say ‘You have to be a fan “from” the Vamps. That is terrible English.

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