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86 thoughts on “Contact

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  2. Ok I got a question if a girl from they’re fans asked one of them out for intense bradley would he say yes or no ?

  3. We’re Francesca and Rachel. We are big fans and wanted to go to your concert in Glasgow but we can’t afford to go with our mum😔 so we just wanted to say good luck and have an awesome time 😘

  4. To all The Vamps
    From Toni van Eeden

    Hi add me on Bbm~ 530A4c77
    add me on whatsapp~ 076 711 8140
    add me on twitter~ @tonivaneeden
    add me on instagram~ TONI_VAN_EEDEN
    add me on facebook~ toni van Eeden
    this is to:
    Bradley Simpson (-;
    Tristan Evans ❤
    James McVey (-:
    Connor Ball (-|

  5. Him… wut to say first oh I luv the vamps especially brad oh brad u are so dreamy and fine I have dreams I’m going to tell u brad I want to have kids with u named Bella and Jake and I want to get in the tub with u and I want u to sing can we dance to me hahaha that’s true
    My friends said u where gay and I told them to shut the hell up and stop being friends BTW I luv u and I want to marry u. U may think I’m crazy but I’m not I luv the vamps and all but I luv u more dreamy eyes brad

  6. Right all four of you have got to come to clifford drive in heathfield in Devon and by the way my house number is 4

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