115 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. Thanks for all supporting The vamps,,get ready for our concert in manila i will kiss you all hallelujah 🙂

      • U guys r juding someone by the way they sing and how they look u should get to know them before anything else BTW Connor is the cutest

  2. hi vamps Bradley I love you am 10 years old I am using my dads email I don’t have one. I have a question for you brad plz answer as fully as you can…
    If you had to choose a famous singer who would it be and why? see you text later bye the vamps by brad.

  3. I ❤ U the vamps your so cute baradley.connor.
    your so handsome james and tristan
    my wish is……we can see each other the vamps we hope you love like you.
    i'am the fan to be true the vamps ❤ we all who fansite you are caressing you.
    we love you to 🙂 ❤
    ilove you the vamps
    iloveyou forever…..muahhhhhh

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