Big Announcement

Here it is! The HUGE announcement is that thanks to the fans wonderful guys watching, sharing and promoting our covers on youtube, The Vamps have been lucky enough to sign a record deal with Mercury Records today. This means the boys will be touring internationally next year and will be able to start recording their own album!!









Big news for the fans all over the world, but were do you want the boys to visit? Leave a comment so we can let them see were they need to go!! 😉 And over a couple of years the boys will be great, world-wide artists and they will sell-out Madison Square Garden… or not… Who knows?! 😉


20 thoughts on “Big Announcement

  1. please come to Montreal, Quebec. I know its far from the UK, but it would really be worth coming. My friend and I have been watching your covers since the beggining. We are so going to buy your album when its out!!!! please come tour in Canada!!!

  2. Ziggo dome in Amsterdam, the Netherlands:) it would mean a hell of a lot when they came:) Or they can come to Tivoli in Utrecht, that’s fine too:)

  3. Pleeeeease, pretty please, with a sweet little cherry on top, come to Spain!!!!! I have told all of my friends about you, and shown them your music, and we all really want to see you on tour!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏☝️☝️🎤🎤🎶🎵

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