Busy Times For The Vamps

It’s been a while since the boys told us what’s going on… But lots of exciting stuff is coming up. First The guys are so close to finishing their debut album! The boys are working hard on final touches and the track list of their upcoming album.

The-Vamps-Wild-Heart-Cover-ArtWatch out for their debut album being released in Easter 2014!! The boys shot a video for their second single Wild Heart recently. You could watch it here.

Finally, the boys have continued to make covers for you all to see on YouTube. As a band, they want to keep making covers for yous because they told us “We started on YouTube; covers are probably the first thing you saw from us, so we want to keep making them! We just recently released our cover of Hanson’s ‘mmmbop'” .

As ever, a massive thank you to everyone who’s been supporting the boys;  Please check out their ‘diary’ section on their website to see where they are playing live and the boys told us they would love to see as many of you as possible at the upcoming shows!! So get your tickets 🙂


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